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Gaming industry has evolved over the years as new technologies and newer platforms and devices have come to foray.

We at Khelo Jeeto India is dedicated towards the best user experience Our team includes some of the top game developers, level specialists, designers, artists, animators and technology experts in the industry. We believe that constant innovation is the key to building successful Game As a gaming company, we’re passionate and enthusiastic about experimenting with latest emerging technologies and strive to integrate creative vision, technical expertise and project management capabilities to ensure player satisfaction. Our team of artists and designers ensure that we create best art for our games.

Our games

Ring Toss

The game consists of bottles lined up side-by-side. The aim of the game is to toss a ring and have it land over the mouth and neck of one of the bottles. The close proximity and size of the spaces between the bottles can make it a tricky game to win and a profitable game to run.
Aim the ring for one of the rings near the edge of the grouping of bottles. It is very easy to understand & play the game. This game improves your skills! Practice your throwing skills and become a master!

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Balloon shooter game

The main aim of the game is to clear all of the balloons by shooting through gun from the board before time runs out. Focus on your target & aim accurate press the trigger to crush you target balloon in mission mode. This game improves your skills! Practice your shooting skills and become a master! Grab a Shooting Balloons game a show who is the best shooter!
The concept of balloons Shooter is very simple which is both its strength and weakness. While it is very easy to understand how to play the game and get to grips with it there is little variation in the game play.

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